The Attribution Moloch

Summary: I argue that sufficient resource scarcity can exacerbate the effects of tiny differences in value alignment to the point where charities with almost identical goals will compete rather than cooperate. Further, a skewed perception of how impact is created as well as mere ignorance can cause prioritization to aggravate failures of coordination. (Reposted from my blog.)

There’s something that I’m worried about that is fairly close to the core of EA. I don’t know to which degree I should be worried, and I don’t know how pervasive it is, but nonprofit insiders have written about it and other insiders have told me about it with regard to specific cause areas, and I’m afraid prioritization that ignores it may exacerbate it.

Many thanks to Lukas Gloor, Melanie Joy, Sara Nowak, Jacy Reese, and Anne Wissemann for proofreading the draft of this article and adding many valuable thoughts!


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Gedanken zur Google Impact Challenge

Heute um 23.00 Uhr endet die Abstimmung für die Google Impact Challenge (GIC). In einem mehrmonatigen Verfahren wurden von einer Jury zehn sogenannte „Leuchtturmprojekte“ und „200“ lokale Projekte ausgesucht., die firmeneigene Stiftung, vergibt insgesamt 3,75 Millionen Euro, und lässt Besucher*innen ihrer Seite abstimmen, welche Projekte davon unterstützt werden. Das erinnert an Giving Games, die […]

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Welcome to Effektiver Altruismus Berlin!

We are effective altruists in Berlin who are passionate answering the question ‘how can I do the most amount of good?’ We recognise that:

We are in a unique position to do good, and it’s important that we care.

Through rational decision making, we can make a much larger difference.

We can, and do, enjoy doing it!

We hope to see […]

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